What do I need?


An outline of the ODK Service at LSHTM: Introduction to ODK@LSHTM


Requesting use of the ODK @ LSHTM Service

Complete the ODK Server Request Form

If you want to use the ODK@LSHTM Device pool then send an ODK Device Request Form


Survey Design

Design your survey for ODK: Introduction to designing surveys with XLSFORM

We recommend writing forms using XLSForm and converting them to ODK-XML Files using XLSForm Offline:

Guide to using XLSForms

XLSForm Offline (Enter the price as 00)


Setting up your devices and server

Setup your devices and the server to work together: ODK@LSHTM User Manual

Set your devices up for the field: Guidelines for setting up a tablet for use in the field


Update 09/2016 : Encryption

ODK form submission takes place over an encrypted connection to the LSHTM server, but for some groups (for instance those working with sensitive health data) it may be necessary to establish more stringent encryption.

We have successfully tested a fully encrypted route to data collection, which involves form encryption on the Android devices, the usual transfer across secure connection and storage on server in encrypted form. Using this approach, the data is secure from form finalisation to the project’s lead investigators. Decryption is performed locally on an encrypted machine that can be non-network connected. We also recommend that decryption keys are stored on solid state media such as encrypted USB drives.

If you plan to use fully encrypted data, please contact us for support.


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