LSHTM Open Data Kit

Open Data Kit is a suite of state of the art electronic data capture tools.

LSHTM Open Data Kit has been set up to help scientific researchers use ODK in their projects. This service is available on a pay-what-you-can basis to anyone working at LSHTM, or collaborating with LSHTM researchers on research that can benefit global health. This includes studies focussed on human health, one-health, environmental and ecological research; as well as public health interventions, outbreak response and clinical trials.

The cornerstone of this project is a 256bit encrypted ODK server hosted at LSHTM which allows researchers to submit data electronically from anywhere in the world to a safe and secure server environment.

In order to minimise costs to the end user, we also provide access to a pool of Android devices, although at present we can only offer this service to groups based within LSHTM and their research partners.

We are happy to work with third parties who represent groups outside the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and we invite interested parties to contact us at to discuss how we can support your work.


Data is collected in the field on smartphones or tablets and sent securely to a server at LSHTM. Data is compiled and can then be downloaded from the server for analysis. Where needed, location data can be collected by GPS or annotating offline maps on your device allowing high quality spatial data to be integrated in to your survey

















You can learn more about using LSHTM Open Data Kit here
or by viewing this short and informal presentation, which was recorded during Bloomsbury Data Week 2017
ODK Introduction

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