LSHTM Global Health Analytics

About us

The LSHTM Global Health Analytics group are a multi-disciplinary team of epidemiologists, laboratory researchers and data scientists who are involved in bench, field and computer based research centred around global health.

Our aim is to leverage emerging technology for the benefit of human health, with current focus-points on the development of electronic data systems for use in emergencies and epidemics, scalable low-cost laboratory diagnostics and methods for integrated surveillance of infectious diseases.

Through funding from the NIHR and DHSC to the LSHTM EDK project, our group has recently been providing data collection and real time analytics support to two major evaluations of Ebola vaccines in DR Congo. Our collaboration with the WHO has led to the first licensure of VSV-ZEBOV-GP as an effective vaccine against Ebola. More recently we have worked with the WHO to study vaccines and therapeutics targeted against SARS-CoV2.

Our team provides data coordination and management on the flagship “Tujiokowe” (DRC-EB-001) trial, a major evaluation of Janssen pharmaceuticals’ heterologous two dose ebola vaccine, which is funded by a £22m grant from CEPI.

Members of the LSHTM Global Health Analytics Group lead two work-packages (Labs/Data) on FIEBRE, a £10m DfID funded study on the causes of fever in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) as well as leading investigations on the Mos-Def study, a sister study to FIEBRE which is funded by a £360,000 grant from The Global Good Fund.

We previously led a major programme of research in to the epidemiology of trachoma and other neglected tropical diseases in the Western Pacific Region. This research was funded by more than £800,000 in grants from the International Trachoma Initiative, Fred Hollows Foundation and Coalition for Operational Research on NTDs (COR-NTD).

The LSHTM Global Health Analytics group provide platforms to support global health research through the implementation of technological solutions to data collection and making for epidemiological, clinical research and social sciences studies that aim to improve health worldwide.

End User Services


A suite of tools which support the implementation of ODK, a software package for research use which allows tablet & webform based data collection via xforms. This service is available to all LSHTM researchers and their partners.

LSHTM Emergency and Epidemic Data Kit

A specialist implementation of our data tools, which aims to support international efforts to contain and control epidemics and humanitarian emergencies through implementation of data solutions and rapid mapping. Our team of expert data scientists, epidemiologists, triallists and clinicians are working in collaboration with the UK Public Health Rapid Support Team to provide data systems for stakeholders in emergency and epidemic response. We are able to rapidly respond with coding, hardware and data infrastructures and disseminate our tools openly. This service is available to all agencies responding to humanitarian emergencies.

LSHTM Open Making Resources

3D design and print support for researchers with prototyping, equipment manufacturing (for lab and field) and other making needs. This service is available to all LSHTM staff & students.

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